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You can browse classes on the Muve timetable and request group or one-one sessions directly with instructors.

Some classes require equipment so make sure to check before you book.

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All you need to get started is a laptop or mobile device, access to the internet and a safe space to exercise.

We recommend using a wide angle clip on lens and a stand to make setting up a little easier. You can also use a HDMI cable to connect your device to a bigger screen.

Please review our customer guidelines before making your first booking.

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Everything you need to know

You can access three different types of Muve workouts.


Live Workout


Allow you to see and hear everyone taking part so you can provide real-time feedback, correct exercise techniques, and most importantly provide your customers with motiviation and energy! Participants can't see or hear each other so they can take part anywhere they like with full privacy.

Group Sessions

Live Workout

Group Sessions

During a group session all participants can see and hear each other with the majority of the screen still focusing on the instructor. This is great for when you're working out with friends, family or colleagues as it offers a more fun community feel. You can mute and unmute all participants at anytime.

Contact your favourite instructor to arrange a group session.


Live Workout


You and your instructor can see and hear each other with a full screen view. If you have not trained with an instructor before, send them a message to arrange a consultation. This will help the instructor to understand what equipment you have available, discuss any injuries or health issues and plan the session ahead of time.

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