Community Guidelines

As part of the MUVE community, you are expected to follow our guidelines explained below to help us maintain a respectful, inclusive environment. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in suspension or termination of your MUVE account.

Our Mission

MUVE uses technology and convenience to connect you to a fitness experience that will keep you coming back for more, anytime, anywhere.

1. Be Kind

Please refrain from using any abusive language towards the instructor or any other participants.

Please ensure that you remain mindful of others at all times. Muve is an inclusive, supportive platform and if any form of abuse is reported, this will be taken seriously and your account may be permanently suspended. We consider abusive behaviour as the following:

  • Racism
  • Violence
  • Discrimination (race/ethnicity/national origin/caste/ sexual orientation/gender/gender identity/religious
  • affiliation/age/disability/disease)
  • Harassment

2. Be Comfortable

Please ensure you are wearing the appropriate workout attire for the session you are taking part in. We want you to be comfortable yet safe at all times so make certain you have the appropriate space to fully enjoy your workout experience.

3. Be Mindful

When taking part in any class, group, or personal training session, please be mindful of others and the instructor by ensuring there is minimal background noise. If this is not possible, please mute yourself.

4. Be Aware (privacy)

Protect your privacy when interacting with others within the Muve Live platform as you would if you were interacting in person.

5. Be Thoughtful

Whilst Muve is a social environment, please be aware that when taking part in any workout session, this is not a space for you to promote yourself or any other brands.

6. Be Safe

Please ensure you are only joining sessions that are appropriate for you. Do your best to prepare for the sessions as best you and if you have any health concerns please do consult a medical professional prior to your session.

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